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“There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few that will catch your heart.  Pursue them.”


As an artist, I tried as much as possible not to paint everything that catches my fancy but those things that catch my heart. It is only then that I can connect to the work, sometime I may find expression so difficult but I usually not let go until I find the right expression just like a poet trying to look for an appropriate word to describe a flower, so I search through my soul until I am able to put my thought down appropriately.  Sometime I also find a conflict in my heart as to what colour is appropriate for my subject but once I’m able to confront this conflict within my soul I go after my canvas like a lion after its pray.

My style is influenced by THE CUBIST’S with a touch of African motives because I believe that nature itself is composed of planes, lines, and shades and if everything God made has planes then two dimensional art should take cue from nature. And that may also explain why most of my subjects are female (elegant but delicate).

Oftentimes I look beyond the usual make-up of my subject to the depth of its soul because I am always looking for a soul mate who would be able to see with the same eye, feel the way I feel and fall in love with my work, that is why my subjects are usually simple but deep in their souls. 


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